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TALONS (Trauma London Surgery) is an interactive, scenario-based surgical webinar series focusing on life threatening injuries and damage control techniques (vascular/organ/structural injuries rather than orthopaedic trauma). 
It is delivered by experienced trauma surgeons from the LMTS with a focus on real-life cases and surgical approaches. TALONS is free to any surgeons managing polytrauma patients.


APLS provides the knowledge and skills necessary for recognition, effective treatment and stabilisation of children with life threatening emergencies, using a structured, sequential approach. The course and its principles are practiced throughout the world, and over 83,000 candidates have completed the course since its inception in 1998.


ATLS® is a global course, teaching a systematic process of trauma care for patients with life-threatening injuries.
Throughout this two-day interactive course, you will learn a range of comprehensive and adaptable trauma management skills relevant to all specialties.

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